Poker Journal

Poker Journal

Calculate your poker winnings


  • Displays lots of stats
  • Sort games chronologically


  • Not much of a GUI
  • Useless if you never play poker

Not bad

If I were to play poker on a regular basis I would probably be writing this review from a cardboard box at the side of the road, such is my luck.

However, if I was a pokerhead then I would surely carry this application on my Palm every time I hooked up with my opponents, as it allows you to calculate your winnings and discover how profitable you are.

Essentially, Poker Journal is an information manager that allows you to record information about all your sessions. Its functions allow you to capture the start time of a game, the time it finally ended, and the amount of money you gained or lost from the whole experience.

There are all sorts of statistics to help you track your progress throughout your "career" and you can sort the details of all games chronologically.

The graphical interface may be bland, but if you are serious about poker then you might find that Poker Journal can save you money over the years.

Poker Journal is a handy application for Palm devices that allows you to calculate the profitability of your poker sessions. The program boasts a number of features specifically designed to help you keep track of your games and build up statistics of how you have performed in each of them.

Poker Journal


Poker Journal

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